Reflection on ART project

A few weeks ago, sir joseph–> the art teacher,, told us to bring some CDs (compact disc) and glue gun.

so everybody said “ok mr.joseph” then when i got home, I realise that I dont know what a glue gun is.

so I asked my friend how to get the glue gun.  after I got the glue gun, everything was normal.

And “The Day” came and Mr.J told us to made a ‘Hole’ in the CD (I was Confuse because there’s a hole already)

but sir joseph told us to push the CD on something HOT~> very hot,, and TA-dA, a new hole was born.. then we made some

Chinese coin from the cd. the chinese student wrote some chine symbols while the other paint it with gold spray.

when it hung, it looked nice.. and it was AWESOME


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