Mathematics (Ms.May)

Math Carnival

on 11 march we had math carnival. I was grouped with Anand. our job was to make a probability game. then we decided to make a game called “shoot them”. the objective of the game is to throw balls to the bucket.  from this carnival I learned about making games about probability and how to cooperate with my friend. I also learned about counting money. thats all I can say. Thank You

Graphing Reflection

Grade 8 -A few weeks ago, I learned how to graph. The function of graphing a line is to know if it has an intersection or not. so we used 2 methods of graphing: manual and automatic. manual means we use pencil and ruler to graph on the paper while the automatic means we use program(s) in computer. and I know that graphing automatically is faster, but graphing manually is easier for me and graphing manually make us more patience and accurate.

Venn Diagram & Survey

Grade 9 – we made venn diagram to make a survey about something. it is fun because we can know more about the diagram and what our classmate like/choose


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